Arnold Jacobs

Native Artist, Six Nations
Cruising the Territories Birth of the Earth Calling the Family Clan Circle
Comes the Peacemaker Confederacy Formation Creation II CREATORS MESSENGER
Dancing Loon Deliverance of sky woman DISCUSSING THE ENVIRONMENT Eagle Clans
Eagle Guarding Tree of Peac Early Morning Tribute Earth Dance Embracing Pine Tree of Peac
Engagement Family Protection Five Nations Carrier Impressive Landing
In the Family Way Kepper of the Medicine Lacrosse Than and now Regal Pose
3AM Chorus Devoted Mates Family Outing New Brd
Only the Owl Knows Our Way of Life Owl in Flight Power
Power of the feather Proud  nd Preening Return of the Salmon Sacred symbols
Sky Woman Symbols Earth Sky Territories on Turtle Islan The Golden Eagle
The Shy One Traditional Conflict Twogether Forever White Buffalo Calf Woman
Wind Earth and Water Wolf Pack Woman with calf Woman with calf2